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Crew policy/procedure when someone reports an issue.


Establish exactly what the person reporting the issue expects:  

1) How serious was the incident in their eyes? How do they feel about it?

2) Are they happy to have the issue reported to Studio Management (Chris)?

3) Do they want the complaint to remain anonymous?

4) Do they want someone to speak to the problem person?

5) Do they wish to escalate the issue in any specific way? 

6) Are there any immediate steps that could be taken to help with this issue? 


Listen carefully and take it seriously!


If they are okay with it, then please report it to Chrisp (or Raechel or Laura).

Let the person who reported the problem know what the plan is to deal with it.  For example:

  • No further action will be taken - we’ve taken note  / we'll keep an eye on them - thank you.

  • I have raised the issue with Studio Management and they are going to contact you.


If they are not okay with reporting it to Studio Management, and the matter requires action, work with the person to agree on a plan to deal with it. For example:

  1. Can I report it to Studio Management anonymously, without specific details, in writing with your review/approval?

  2. Does it need to be escalated to the police or other authority?


In all cases:

  1. Let the person know specifically what, when and who is dealing with the issue.

  2. Provide feedback to the person when all planned/agreed actions have been taken.


Check-in with the person the next day to make sure they’re okay. 


Offer support as appropriate - e.g. Confidential Helplines such as ‘Safe to Talk’ (

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