Meet the Street Swing Crew

Abigail Vogels

Dancing WCS in California since 2012, Abigail is available to teach leaders and followers of all levels. See her dancing here and here.

Rate: $90/hr

Chris Pugmire

You'll have certainly seen Chris around at Street Swing as he runs the show! Chris usually teaches during class on Tuesdays.
Rate: $60/hr.

joel (2).jpg
Joel Gibson

Joel taught at Stanford and Mission City Swing in San Francisco before returning to New Zealand in 2020. He is known for his musicality and partnering skills, and loves fast, swung music. Available to teach leaders or followers, Joel usually teaches with his wife, Alison. See him dance here or here
Rate: $60/hr.

Laura Trethewey

Laura is often found teaching at Street Swing or Modern Jive venues. Her favourite music is contemporary R&B, Hip Hop and acoustic and she loves cats and eats only plant-based things.

Rate: $55

Melena Bronson

Melena has been dancing almost as long as she’s been walking. She started teaching ballroom dance in Portland Oregon, but quickly fell in love with WCS after watching a Jordan and Tatiana routine. After competing in the USA she is happy to bring her knowledge to the beautiful country of NZ. Her specialty lies in partnering, styling, and musicality. 

Rate: $80/hr

See her dancing 

Robert Veale

Rob danced Modern Jive for 3 years, including teaching it for a year, prior to starting WCS. He has been dancing WCS since 2016 and has been teaching since 2018. Through this experience he has developed a strong foundation in both dance styles.

Rate: $70/hr

Sam Pugmire

Heir apparent to the Street Swing empire, Sam started dancing WCS after coming from Modern Jive and quickly shot up the ranks to become one of our teaching staff.

Rate: $55/hr

Scott Clausen

Often seen at the DJ booth, Scottt likes K-pop and values being a friendly lead who can dance with anyone.
Rate: $55/hr.