Meet the Street Swing Crew

Eric's classes are sought after by our students that want a challenge.  He also teaches the monthly level 3 class. His extensive teaching experience allows him to layer his classes so that there is something for everyone.   Eric is so cool the music will usually modify itself in order to hit the break for him. 

Eric Gray

Raechel and Shanon are our resident technical-gurus and teacher trainers.  They seem to be unreasonably fond of each other... some people believe that they are secretly dating!

Raechel Allen-Jones & Shanon Coxall-Jones

Kate has been dancing for ages, and knows some stuff! Don't be fooled by the blonde hair and blue eyes, you need to pay attention when she says things because she's gonna give you the third degree and you'd better know whats what! Kate also teaches the monthly level 3 class with Eric. 

Kate Herdman

Rob first started dancing in 2013 with modern jive in Dunedin. He eventually discovered West Coast Swing in 2016 and got good annoyingly fast.  He likes pizza!

Robert Veale

Alissa loves to dance when she is not napping or eating snacks. West Coast Swing particularly appeals to her because of the opportunities it provides to be creative and experience something new with every partner. She is excited to be able to share the joy of dance with others in the community; especially the newbies! She will save the world!

Alissa Thompson

Tori has been without WCS for the last year but what she lacks in practice she more than makes up for with enthusiasm, make sure to grab her for a dance!

Just quietly, even out of practice, she's the most fun person in the room to dance with.

Tori Young