Level 1 - Beginners classes

Anyone can attend beginner classes!

Level 2 - Beginners Plus

  1. We recommend you attend 4-8 beginner classes before attempting the beginners plus class. 

  2. Maintain basic Frame

  3. A clear BODY lead on the one.

  4. Start patterns on the correct foot (left for leads, right for follows) 

  5. Correct hand hold (no thumbs, no gripping)

  6. Follows waiting to be lead. 

You should be familiar with the basic patterns:


  • Left Side Pass

  • Under Arm Turn

  • Whip

  • Push Break

  • Tuck

  • Left side free spin

  • Travelling tuck

  • Starter step.

Level 3 - Intermediate

Please attend a moving up workshop or get assessed by a teacher to check your level.

  1. 6+ months of classes

  2. Stepping on the beat 

  3. Rolling your feet.

  4. Maintaining a good frame.

  5. Some body stretch in your lead.

  6. Able to dance through a song.

  7. A hint of stretch in your lead or follow.

  8. Leads giving early indication of leads.