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The New Zealand  Open 2023 


This is the schedule from last year!!!

(2023 schedule purely as a guide)

Thursday 100 Motions Rd (TAPAC)

19:30 New Zealand Open warm-up, with our local superstars; Abigail teaching Level 2, and Antony and Laura teaching Level 1! Tonight will be insane. In a good way.

20:30 Social dancing

23:00 Head to a nearby bar - Harlequin Bar & Restaurant  1130 Great North Road


NOTE: running times are approx!  Significant changes for Friday, below is a very ROUGH outline!

15:10 Setup crew start work....

15:30 Technique Workshop 1 - Heejung - Technique level 1.5

16:30 Technique Workshop 2 - Raushaniya & McKenzie - Hip Hop inspired WCS choreo level 2

17:30 Dinner break (setup continues)

18:30 Doors open 

19:00 Workshop  3 - 30 min - Zak and Maddy - Dance Etiquette (How to have fun at an event)

19:40 ProJam Demo 
20:15 Lolly Sramble (sign up when you arrive)

21:15 ProAm Invitational Show 

21:45 Power Half Hour

22:15 Social dancing

23:00 Supper

02:00 Home to bed


10:30 Workshop 4 - Abby - Beginners Bootcamp (bring ur friends)

11:30 Workshop 5 - Riley - W i d e n  your Horizons

12:30 Workshop 6 - Brad & Katrina - Great workshops don't need titles

13:30 Workshop 7 - Austin & Skylar

14:30 Competition Prelims & Semis <--- DO NOT BE LATE - do not leave!

Novice Strictly Prelims

Open Strictly Prelims

Novice Jack & Jill Prelims

Intermediate Jack & Jill Prelims

Novice Jack & Jill Semi-Finals

17:30 Dinner Break & Floor trials (teams practice)

19:00 Doors open

19:15 Finals <--- DO NOT BE LATE

Novice Strictly 
Open Strictly 
Novice Jack & Jill 
Intermediate Jack & Jill 
Advanced Jack & Jill

22:15 Team routines, performances

22:45 Pro Invitational

23:15 Pizza

23:30 Awards

23:45 Social dancing.
03:00 Home to bed


11:40 Doors Open
12:00 Workshop 8 - Austin & Skylar
13:00 Workshop 9 - Riley - Intermediate Hand Stuff (Novice can only watch, Note: 1*)
14:00 Workshop 10 - Critique Session - Riley Austin Skylar
15:00 Social Dancing final 'tea' dance.
16:30 High speed pack down

17:00 Dinner at Eastridge

19:30 After party dancing, gossip and the meaning of life. Chris's  146 Goodland Drive Albany.  PLEASE car pool, parking is limited.  Please park on 'my' drive way, NOT outside my neighbours! He might kill me) 


1* For this second Sunday workshop it is intended strictly for Int+ dancers (wsdc points), if you feel you can cope with it and you desperately want to join in, you may take part at the end of the hall with a non rotational partner, and u can't ask questions! Note: this is the only fully Int level workshop of the weekend, so why not have a cup of tea, relax and watch!)  Grumpy sleep deprived Chris will be policing this, be scared, be very scared!  

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