The New Zealand Open, Future Champions!

16-18th October 2020

NOTE: Due to Covid-19 we are not certain which guests will make it this year, but the event will go ahead one way or another!

This year we've decided to do something a little radical with our staff. We had the idea to promote and encourage the new talents emerging around the world so we picked out a dream team of top level All Stars, and amazingly our four first choices have agreed to come and share a weekend with us!


  • Michelle Crozier

  • Joel Torgeson

  • Skylar Pritchard

  • Tim Kenny


These four All Star dancers have been chosen for being genuine community spirited dancers, who epitomize what we want to aim for in New Zealand.  Each one stands out as being among the best in the world in competitions, technique, community building and social dancing. They all have killer smiles and all lead and follow to a level that will astound you. I can’t say how excited I am that they will be dancing with us at the New Zealand Open this year; this is really going to be something special. 


  • Tim is known all over the world for his social dancing and his smile. He has won multiple awards as the most popular social dancer and his sense of fun while leading or following with every partner is something to aspire to.

  • Michelle runs one of the most successful communities in the U.S. She’s known for her technique-based teaching, her elegant dancing, her community building and her sense of humor as an MC.

  • Joel is one of the best all stars in the world, a technically beautiful dancer who makes every movement seem artistic. His sense of musicality and his hair are second to none!

  • Skylar is one of the new prodigy’s in WCS having shot up through the ranks at a very young age. Her elegant turns and spinning are quite exceptional. She is also super friendly and if you are lucky enough to dance with her don’t be surprised to find yourself leading things you had never imagined were even possible.


This year’s venue (The Bluestone Room) is centrally located with lots of eating options, a budget hotel across the road, parking,  a bar and late night dancing!  

Registration includes all competitions and a buffet dinner on Saturday night!

And don't panic, we know you love him, your favorite MC Brad Whelan is coming back, whoopee!

And that's not all - more announcements still to come... !

Buy your tickets now; we will sell out again this year as we are limiting numbers.  Note: early bird discounts are only available until the end of February - please wait until March and pay full price!.