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NZOpen complies with the competition guidelines of the World Swing Dance Council (WSDC). As a competitor, you are responsible for knowing the divisions in which you are eligible/required to compete, for understanding the WSDC Points Registry Rules, and for using your WSDC Competitor ID number when registering for competitions. WSDC rules mandate that you dance in the Jack & Jill divisions at the appropriate skill level for which you qualify.

NZOpen recognizes the WSDC petitioning process for moving one level up or down based on the competitor’s current points. You may submit a formal petition to Chief Judge in order to dance only one skill level up or one skill level down from the Jack & Jill division for which you qualify in your dominant role. A committee including the Chief Judge will consider the requested reclassification petition after reviewing your WSDC Points Registry record. All decisions of our competition officials are final. No appeals are allowed.

To compete at NZOpen, you must:

  • Purchase an event pass that includes competitions

  • Register for competitions using

  • Demonstrate good sporting conduct at all times, both on and off the competition floor. This includes treating your partners, other competitors, competition officials, spectators, and the event itself with respect.

  • Know the rules. Read the rules carefully prior to the competition. You are responsible for following the rules whether or not you have read them.

In addition,

  • There are no mandatory competitor meetings at NZOpen.  

  • You are responsible for checking the event schedule and knowing the time of your competitions.

  • The Event Directors reserve the right to cancel any division with fewer than five couples.

  • If your name is not called by the final preliminary heat in your division, see the emcee or Chief Judge immediately to let them know you signed up but were not yet called.

  • If you are not in the ballroom when the last name is called to the floor for the final preliminary heat in your division, you will not compete.

  • During semi-final and final rounds, if you are not present in the ballroom after the last name has been called to the floor, we will call the alternate(s) to dance in your place. Once the alternate has been called, the dancer not present is out of the competition.


NZOpen Jack & Jills are gender neutral. Please refer to WSDC Rules at for the qualifications and requirements of the WSDC skill level divisions, which are Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and All-Star.


Competitors may compete in a maximum of two skill-level WSDC Jack & Jill competitions, once in their primary role and once in their secondary role. You may enter one skill level as a leader and a different skill level as a follower, each at your appropriate WSDC-pointed level. Once entered as a leader or a follower, you must remain in that same role throughout the specific skill level competition (prelims, semi-finals, and finals).

Non-dominant Role Competing and Tracking Competitors may compete as both Leaders and Followers in skill level Jack & Jills. Leader and Follower points will be tracked separately in the WSDC Points Registry.

  • Competitors qualify for their dance level based on either their Leader or Follower points, whichever is higher, and may compete in this dominant role.

  • Competitors may also compete in their non-dominant role one level down, as long as they don’t qualify in both for the same division. You may petition to dance a further one level down in your non-dominant role, at the Chief Judges’ discretion.

  • Competitors will not be permitted to dance both roles in the same division.




Lolly Scramble: This is a fun division in which you will be randomly paired with a higher or lower level dancer. Once paired you remain with that person for the heats and final.  This division will have limited numbers and will only be open for sign up on the Friday Night! First come first served. This competition is gender neutral, but role switching within the competition is NOT allowed.


Invitational Jack & Jill Participation is at the discretion of the Event Directors. Role-switching within the dance is permitted, lifts below the shoulder are allowed.


Competitors may compete in any Strictly Swing division for which they qualify, as long as they have different partners for each division.  All registrations for all Strictly Swing divisions must be listed under the leader’s bib number. Dancers are judged as a couple in all rounds of competition.

Open Strictly Swing The objective of this division is to partner newer dancers with more experienced dancers. For this reason, one of the partners must be a true intermediate or higher dancer in accordance with WSDC definitions. This division is gender neutral and role switching within the dance is NOT allowed.




  • All dancing must be lead/follow. Pre-choreographed routines, in whole or in part, are not allowed.

  • At least 80 percent recognizable swing content is required for all divisions, with the exception of the Invitational Jack & Jill, where 75 percent swing content is required.

  • For Jack & Jill competitions, all competitors must wear their bib numbers for all rounds of competition. Bibs are only required for leaders in the Strictly Swing divisions. Bibs are not required for the Invitational Jack & Jill.

  • You and your partner must maintain physical contact except for spins, turns, short breakaways, and recoveries.

  • “In the air” partner weight support moves (lifts, aerials) and acrobatic manoeuvres are not allowed, with the exception of an Invitational Jack & Jill, where lifts below the shoulder are allowed.

  • “On the ground” support moves (such as drops and slides) are allowed. However, you and your partner must each maintain at least one foot in physical contact with the floor during support moves.

  • Clothing will not be judged, there are no clothing specific restrictions but a reasonable standard is of course expected.


NZOpen makes every effort to conduct all competitions in accordance with current WSDC guidelines and reserves the right to update our Competition Rules should WSDC requirements change.

NZOpen also reserves the right to make any changes in the competition schedule or format as we deem necessary.

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